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Motorsport Australia Regulations

Here are some quick and easy links to the appropriate sections in the manual for the regulations governing all IPRA NSW meetings.


We are running an ‘invited cars’ initiative during 2022 to allow more competitors to experience the excitement of Improved Production racing.
Any competitor wishing to enter the Invited Cars group must contact IPRA NSW ( or talk to a committee member) and be approved before entering a race meeting. Competitors who have not received an invitation shall not be allowed to enter in the Invited Cars group for that meeting.

For a vehicle to be accepted as an Invited Car, the minimum requirement is for it to be presented in the spirit of the MA 3J regulations.  Each vehicle will be judged on its merit individually. Invited Cars must comply with Motorsport Australia’s General Requirements of Automobiles and must have an appropriate logbook.

Invited Car competitors must be full financial members of IPRANSW and cars must run the correct category vehicle signage, plus any additional signage required by the Category Organisers specific to Invited Cars. Competitors will not be eligible to score Championship points, but will be incorporated into the Improved Production field at any specified events.