The IPRA NSW Honour roll was started by avid Motorsports photographer and statistician
Riccardo Benvenuti in 2016. Our Honour Roll celebrates drivers who have started 50,100 and
200 IPRA NSW races. This milestone does not include marquee rounds such as the Bathurst
12 hour, or the Improved Production National events.

Delving back into the race records, Riccardo has accrued an exceptional amount of data and
created an award that is truly an achievement for everyone who is listed. IPRA NSW
congratulates and thanks the drivers who have reached any of these milestones, and thank
Riccardo for his efforts collating these records.
The below stats are correct as of January 1st, 2020.
We encourage you to check out more of Riccardo’s work at
200 ClubRace Starts
Mark Lamour261
Phil Lamour239
Peter Street234
Peter Bellette217
100 ClubRace Starts
Graham Bohm199
Peter Foote190
Bob Jowett190
Craig Wildridge184
Graeham Shea160
Justin McClintock138
Graeham Watts136
David Crighton131
John Mckenzie126
Scott Bucton120
Ryan Jagger118
Andrew McMaster118
David Noble115
Sam Maio111
Geoff Fear111
Dave Loftus105
Ian Price104
Peter Hennessey100
50 ClubRace Starts
Jeff Hanson99
Ahmed Baghdadi98
Kees Delhas97
David Worrell82
Peter McCallum79
Greame Cox75
Randolph Swan75
Phillip Kingsley Lake75
Scott Flemming71
Peter Harmstrong71
Michael King68
Neville Simmons67
Ryan Brown67
Ashley Birks66
Jason Hendy63
Ben Algie62
Harrison Cooper61
Phil Page60
Peter Woods59
Peter Woods59
Elliot Hart58
Ian McRae58
Matthew Harris58
Michael Posa58
Nick Dunkley57
Richard Prince56
Jordan Cox56
Anthony Loscialpo55
Martin Welsh54
Doug Moss54
Bob Brewer54
Les Taylor52
Kurt McCready52
Greg Peters51