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Joseph Lenthall

Occupation: Sales Manager
Class: 2-3L
Car: #4
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CAR #4

Make and Model: Mazda RX7
Engine: Selectmaz 13B Bridgeport
Gearbox: Selectmas 5 Speed scyncro (Albins gear set)
Diff: Race Products Full Floating Hilux, Kazz LSD
Brakes: Wilwood 4 pot front, Skyline 2 pot rear. Wilwood pedal box. Project Mu pads.
Pit Crew & Helpers: Phil Armour, Dan Ridley, Justin McMahon, Paul Cooney, Nick Lenthall, Roy Anderson, Linda Viengkham.


JLART, Armour Motorsport Services, Oxytech Powder Coating, Mothers Polish, Custom Built Gazebos, Selectmaz, Race Motorbodies, Zero Tollerance Motorsport

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IPRA Career

First Year Raced: IPRA in 2009. Classic Rallying in 2005
First Event Raced: Was at a hillclimb when I was 2 weeks old.

2014 Runner Up – Over 2L Championship
2014 – First Place – 2-3L Class
2014 – Best Presented


Love the variety of cars and the people involved. I’ve made life long friends and had the ability to race against terrific drivers on a heap of different race tracks across Australia. The parity is pretty good and you can make just about anything fast.

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