About IPRA

About IPRA

Improved Production, formerly known as 3J Club Cars, is the fastest growing category of circuit racing in Australia. An Improved Production car is loosely based on a modified road car, and is made popular by the fact that it is fast and relatively inexpensive, as far as race cars go.

Starting out with a production body shell, and then carrying out substantial modifications to engines, brakes and suspension, has proven popular both with beginners to the sport and more experienced competitors.

You are allowed to fit a bigger engine from the same manufacturer as the body shell. It can be a twin cam, or a turbo (with a restrictor), or a bridge or peripheral port in the case of a Mazda, depending on the model.

About CAMS

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport Limited (CAMS) has been the custodian of motor sport in Australia since 1953.

CAMS is the National Sporting Authority (ASN) for motor sport in Australia, and is delegated this responsibility by the Federation Internationale de’l Automobile (FIA)

CAMS affiliated with the FIA in its own right in 1958 before being granted full membership in October of that year on a probationary basis.

In 1960 CAMS membership of the FIA as an ASN was confirmed as permanent.

The FIA aims to ensure that motor sport is conducted in accordance with the highest standards of safety, fairness and and social responsibility and CAMS, together with in excess of 120 other ASNs in over 100 nations, are committed to carrying out the mission of the FIA.

Improved Production Racing Association

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