2018 CAMS NSW Motor Race Championship Round 3

2018 CAMS NSW Motor Race Championship Round 3

2018 CAMS NSW Motor Race Championship Round 3

26th& 27thof May

Improved Production U2L C’ship

Perfect weather greeted the drivers at Wakefield Park for the 3rdState Round. Harrison Cooper in the Honda Integra dominated qualifying and the first race of a four-race format.

After an early tussle with Jason Hendy Nissan, Cooper powered away claiming race 1, Hendy finished 2ndand Bob Jowett Honda finished 3rd. Race 2 saw a similar pattern, all drivers made a great start and the order of positions was Cooper, Hendy Ian Price Escort and Jowett. Cooper made a mistake at the fishhook losing five spots as a result. Hendy took command of the race while Cooper started his chase. Jowett’s race ended early with sheared wheel studs, Ian Price fell back and Kurt Macready Nissan could not match the pace of Hendy. Cooper’s speed allowed him to overtake Hendy for the lead with a few laps to spare. Cooper 1st, Hendy 2ndand Macready 3rd.

Cooper made a bad start in race 3 and in comparison Price made a brilliant start taking an early lead. Hendy’s speed got the better of Price as Cooper made his way up the field. By mid-race distance Cooper was on Hendy’s tail challenging for the lead but at the checker Hendy prevailed to take the win, Cooper was 2ndand Macready 3rd.

The trophy race was again between Cooper and Hendy with the former making another bad start having to play the catch up one more time. Towards the end it looked like Hendy would take to spoils, however Cooper made a great overtaking move at the end of the main straight claim the final win of the weekend. Hendy 2ndand the consistent Macready 3rd.


Improved Production O2L C’ship

Michael King and Trevan Spiteri duked it out for the win in race 1 in their Evo’s, King made the better start and Spiteri shadowed him throughout the entire race. Bob Brewer Commodore and Stig Richards RX7 diced for third position with Brewer using his V8 power to get on top. Utilising the extra power this year from the increased restrictor size it was King in 1st, Spiteri 2ndand Brewer 3rd.

The second race was run under the setting sun of Saturday afternoon, King and Spiteri continued their battle while Brewer and Leigh Costain diced for third. King dominated the race, winning by a large margin from Spiteri with Andrew McMaster BMW slipping past Leigh Costain WRX to claim 3rd.

Race 3 and 4 (trophy race) ended up being a King dominance, Spiteri tried hard to hang onto the leader but it was to no avail. Rob Neal in the BMW was pushing hard in all races and had numerous excursion in the outfield as his car struggled to stay on the black stuff. The final results for the races was King 1stin both, Spiteri 2ndin both, Ben Algie Nissan and Stig Richards claiming a 3rdposition each.

Round 3 Results: Download Here

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